The 7 steps of our campaign journey, supporting the women of Scotland from registering to vote, all the way through to standing for election.

Non-partisan, but entirely political, we aim to bring all women’s voices into the forums of Scottish politics. Between Nov 21st, the Centenary of women gaining the right to stand for election and September 2019, we will focus on 7 tangible steps women can take to be ready to get elected. The steps are:

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  1. Voting and being registered to vote

  2. Understanding Politics & Democracy

  3. Defining your Political Purpose & Allegiances

  4. Decide Your Goal – what sphere of Government?

  5. Find Your Voice – Offline & Online

  6. Build Your Team

  7. How to Run a Campaign

We will focus on key Government information, political party policies, stories from women who have run for election. We will look at how gender equality in politics can become a reality. Yes we need women to come forward, they also need to be supported AND institutional and societal barriers need to be reduced and eliminated. This is the discussion we will be having over the course of #ScotWomenStand.