Step 3: Political Purpose & Allegiances.

Launched on March 8th, 2019, International Women’s Day

Exploring the impact of women in politics - local, and global - leading to the provision of resources detailing different political parties of Scotland. The aim being to inspire more women to articulate their values and, thus, political purpose(s) and allegiances.


NGOs & Being Informed on Issues

A vital resource to those building campaigns, and informing political decision-making whilst in representative roles, is the work of non-governmental organisations. The work of these organisations also often assists individuals build further understanding and articulate their support for specific issues and, thus, their sense of political purpose.

So, throughout this campaign, we will be shining a light on Women’s and Equalities organisations in Scotland. All of whom produce fantastic work, that supports the positive development of political process, decision-making, legislation, and regulations.

Head on over to our dedicated organisations page to discover more!