Women’s & Equalities Organisations in Scotland

Engender - Engender is Scotland’s feminist membership organisation. They work on a wide range of policy campaigning and publish useful papers on their website relating public affairs to gender and outlining ways forward.

Their website also contains a fantastically useful database of women’s organisations in Scotland. Visit their website here.

One Scotland - The Scottish Government’s equalities work sits under this banner and the website is an informative resource on future plans, what is currently being done, and milestones in the recent past. This website holds information about Partnership for Change, which is a network of organisations being brought together to meet the aim of gender balanced boards, through the voluntary pledge of the campaign 50/50 by 2020. Visit the website to find out more.

The Circle - An organisation which is working towards eradicating global poverty and gender inequality. through women helping women, whether through advocacy or fundraising. Visit their website to find out more.